“THE” city at the center of the World

With its stunning combination of ancient Arabic history and futuristic architecture, DUBAI beauty makes it looking like a mirage in the middle of the enchanting desert. It is the “THE” city at the center of the World, where 2/3 of the world can fly in less than 8 hours. Also for these unique features, DUBAI will host the 2020-2021 WORLD EXPO. For both professional and pleasant initiatives, DUBAI is the perfect place to gather the world together.


DUBAI, largest city in the United Arab Emirates, pearl of the Arabian desert, one of the safest city in the world, welcomes whatever kind of tourism with the biggest attractions. Strategically placed as hub for the vast majority of flights routes, DUBAI is indeed one of the easiest cities to reach by direct flight from all around the globe. Written testimony of the charming beauty of the venue and of its vibrating trading is found already in 16th century documents of Venetian pearl merchants. Venue of the famous Burj Khalifa, tallest building in the world, DUBAI keeps on growing exponentially, offering touristic experiences ranging from art to whatever sport practice, from exclusive seaside relax to the most pleasant night-life, from history to the most furnished shopping, moreover favored by the country tax exemption.

Dubai is located just one our by car from Abu-Dhabi: institutional city hosting one of the most beautiful mosques of the world and precious museums. 

DUBAI is surely a place not to be missed at least once in a life-time and the best time to do that will surely be in 2020-2021 when the city will host the WORLD EXPO, welcoming the best representations of all the nations, so offering a unique journey during an already unforgettable trip. 


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DUBAI: the city where 2/3 of the world flies in less than 8 hours

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