“THE” location on the Italian Alps

Cortina is the most exclusive location in the heart of the Veneto region Alps. It shines in a valley protected by magnificent mountains. For decades these enchanting peaks have been the venue of the most important winter sports events, hosting the Olympics in 1956 and getting ready now for welcoming the 2021 World Ski Cup. The elegant village represents the hub of all the best cultural, social and fashion events, making Cortina one of the most interesting destination for whatever kind of tourist, skier and not-skier.


With its elegant downtown surrounded by the most enchanting Alps, Cortina offers the unique combination of a fascinating historical European town with a top quality winter sport venue.
Located only two hours from Venice, this, as officially nicknamed, “Queen of the Dolomites” opens the possibility of unforgettable walks along the ”Corso Italia”, the main luxurious avenue where indulging in exclusive Italian restaurants and shops, while enjoying the stunning view of the Alps protecting the valley.
Museums and artistic shows enhance the experience in the vibrating Veneto region cultural reality.

In the same location, all winter sports can be practiced in the top quality facilities that hosted the Olympics and that are getting ready to be the venue of the 2021 World Ski Cup.
Evidence-based data regarding the charm of the location can be found in movies like “James Bond: for your eyes only” and “Cliffhanger”, that were shot right in Cortina.
In such scenario, the social moments of this not for profit event already include snowshoeing in the most stunning nature, winter sport practice, cultural and shopping experiences in the village.
Indeed, the vision of this international meeting is to bring together the most renown vascular experts from all around the world for a revision of the scientific guidelines and for a pleasant and productive interaction with the local and touristic population, promoting public health awareness during scientifically and socially enjoyable vWINter days.


The meeting organization arranged special offers for transfers
from and to the Venice Airport and Railway Station.


  • car
The National Road 51 of Alemagna runs through Cortina in the north-south direction and the National Road 48bis of the Dolomites from east to west. Motorway exits are Exit A27 of Belluno on the south (72 km) and Exit A22 of Bressanone on the north (87 km. Driving from south, from Belluno-Venice, Cortina can be conveniently reached following the motorway A27from Mestre to Pian di Vedoja (Belluno), connected to the National Road 51 of Alemagna. The distance is approximately 150 km from Venice and takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. From the north, exit of Bressanone from A22 Venice-Belluno, follow the directions to Dobbiaco. From the exit of Bressanone to Cortina it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. From Dobbiaco, follow the directions to Venice (Venezia)-Belluno. You will pass in front of the church La Difesa, you reach the roundabout turn left along the one way street Via Roma. You will see the Grand Hotel Savoia right on your left. From South: arriving in Cortina from Venice, follow the directions to downtown. At the roundabout, take the one way street straight ahead called Via Roma. You will see the Grand Hotel Savoia right on your left.
  • plane
Marco Polo International Airport in Venice dist. approx. 1 hour by car
  • train
The nearest railway station is located in Calalzo di Cadore at 35 km. The line is Venice or Padova – Calalzo. From the railways station there is a public bus service to Cortina.

Special rates for meeting attendees.

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