The vWIN has been created by an idea of​

Sergio Gianesini, Oscar Bottini and Yung-Wei Chi,​
three vein specialists working in three different universities
of three different continents,
with the idea of gathering the medical and public world
together for health and science promotion. ​

A scientific committee is created​
by world renowned physicians and scientists. ​

Sergio Gianesini
University of Ferrara, ITALY
Oscar Bottini
Honorary president​
Universidad de Buenos Aires,​ ARGENTINA​
Yung-Wei CHi
Scientific director​ ​
University of California Davis,​ USA​
Lorenzo Tessari​
Vice President​
Tessari studi head​
Erica Menegatti ​
University of Ferrara​ ITALY​
Riccardo Bizzari​
Jacopo Buriani​
John Cody​
Vision & mission advisor
Valentina Noce
Lawyer, Venous awareness projects​ supervisor
Katia Tafner
Social & public health awareness communication

Executive figures:


Inter-university educational contacts & projects development: Sergio Gianesini

vWIN foundation US delegate: Yung Wei Chi ​

International development:  Giorgio Meszeley​

Recognized members

Stefano Frigeri​

Annalisa Barichello ​

Stefano Barbieri​

Alessia Pelek​

Mauro Vinchesi​


Health Professional figures: ​

Sport Medicine: Emanuele Guerra​

Nutrition: Annalisa Maghetti​

Emergency Medicine: Ruggero Osnato​

Cardiology: Massimo Saviano​

Osteopathy: Mirko Tessari​

EMS training: Mario Vella​

Posturology: Federico Dall’Olio​

Dermatology: Francesco Rivelli​

Physiotherapy: Dantina Bettonte​

Scientific Committe​

Joseph Raffetto​
Harvard University​ USA​
Jorge Ulloa
Universidad El Bosque​ COLOMBIA​
Evi Kalodiki​
Imperial College of London,​ UK
Chris Ragg​
Angioclinic vein centers,​ GERMANY​
Eduardo Aguiar​
Spaco Vascular,​ BRAZIL​
Jose Diaz​
University of Michigan​ USA​
Giovanni Mosti​
Barbantini Clinic,​ ITALY​
Attilio Cavezzi​
Spaco Vascular,​ Eurocenter Venalinfa, ITALY
Yakashi Tamaki​
Tokyo’s Women Medical University,​ JAPAN​
Hector Jiemenez
Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia,​ COLOMBIA​
Stefania Roberts
Victoria vein clinic​, AUSTRALIA​
Domenico Corda
Polimedica San Lanfranco,​ ITALY​
Jinsong Wang​
Sun Yat-sen University, CHINA​